Olive Oil

Coming from a single farm and one of the few olive orchards planted in the cool climate of the Casablanca Valley in Chile, Três Pontas Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a unique and harmonious character.

The Casablanca Valley is one of the few Chilean valleys with an optimum combination of conditions for producing extra virgin olive oil. The maritime influence from the Pacific Ocean provides cool night-time temperatures and a morning mist that acts as a temperature moderator. This creates perfect conditions for the fruit to ripen slowly and completely to produce the unique aromas and characteristic flavors found in Três Pontas Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Our farm in Chile practices Sustainable Farming to ensure that the soil and environment around our olive trees will be healthy and productive for generations to come with no negative impacts on the greater community.

Três Pontas Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced by the first cold press, which refers to oil extraction by natural means (pressure) with no chemicals or heat.