Olive Oil Story

We source natural gourmet foods from the world's best small family farms.

At Três Pontas, we only deal directly with small, single family farms that are looking to export their natural whole food products outside their home country for the first time. We search around the world to find only the best farmers for you to buy from directly and only then select the “best of the best” to offer for sale in a true “farm to table” mission.

Our first product was freshly roasted Brazilian coffee near the Três Pontas mountains (where our brand name came from), but now we are proud to announce we are expanding into a new category - gourmet extra virgin olive oil from Chile!

The Casablanca Valley is one of the few valleys in Chile with optimum conditions for producing a premium extra virgin olive oil. 

The maritime influence from the Pacific Ocean provides cool night-time temperatures and a morning mist that acts as a temperature moderator.

This creates a perfect environment for the fruit to ripen slowly & completely. It’s the same reason Chile is known for really great red wines - the same weather conditions produce great olives too!

The farmer we buy from, José Miguel Arnaiz (see picture below), was the first person to plant and harvest olive trees in the Casablanca Valley in Chile about 7 years ago. His olive oil has never been exported to the USA before - until now!

You can scan the QR Code found on every bottle of Três Pontas olive oil to launch a Google Earth satellite image of José Miguel’s orchard where the olives were born before they started their journey to the United States.


All of our olive oil is first cold pressed in Chile and bottled there immediately after harvest.