Our Story

Três Pontas sources natural gourmet foods from the worlds best small family farms.

Três Pontas only deals directly with small, single family farms that are looking to export their natural whole food products outside their home country for the first time. We search around the world to find the best farmers for you to buy from directly. Três Pontas only selects the “best of the best” to offer for sale in a true “farm to table” mission.

Our QR codes, which are standard on all of our food packaging, allow best in class traceability. Just scan and view the family farm for each product we source.

The farms that supply us practice sustainable farming, invest in their workers and families, and take pride in producing some of the best pure and healthy food in the world. Living by the creed “as nature intended” is the foundation of our company.

We take pride in sourcing high quality natural foods that you and your family will enjoy for years to come!