2-Pack Whole Bean Medium Roast Premium Coffee Gift Box With 2 white coffee mugs

The perfect gift for premium coffee lovers. Our gift box includes 2-12oz. bags of our premium Whole Bean Medium roast coffee and 2-white coffee mugs. 

Our high quality beans come from the Reis Family coffee farm, located near the town of Três Pontas in Brazil. For over 100 years and three generations of sons, the Reis family has been refining their craft to grow the best premium gourmet coffee in the region. The beans are then roasted to the desired style and shipped to you within 48 hours. Once you taste the difference between fresh-roasted coffee and grocery store coffee you will never settle for anything else. Even the “fresh-roasted” whole-bean coffee at the grocery store was probably stored in a warehouse for weeks. 

  • 100% Brazilian Arabica Beans
  • Premium, gourmet quality coffee
  • Sourced from a single family farm
  • Fresh Roasted for Optimal Flavor Profile
  • Certified Kosher (OU)
  • Certified Non-GMO
  • Grown at 1,000+ meter altitude
  • South Minas Gerais Region of Brazil
  • Only premium varietals of Arabica beans used
  • Processed Naturally (not washed)

To learn more about the Reis Family Coffee farm and how they grow their coffee, visit Our Coffee Story page.

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